A collaboration with Vibali

In 2020, many of us reconnected with friends by videocall. Having plenty of time to be at home started great conversations with my dear friend Vibali, mathematician, designer and visual artist. She has been working on mosaics and tiling design for more than a decade.

Her technique is thoroughly developed and perfected. It is a unique graphic work, carefully carried out using a manual process and digital technology. We can talk for hours about art history, science, mathematics, architecture, photography. So far we have done series of images inspired in Japan, New Zealand and Barcelona. Our guides and inspiration are Antoni Gaudí and M.C. Escher. This is our new series on Venezia, eternal and magical.

Click on each photo to see the transformation! They are not filters, The tiles are used as colour unity in a digital image. Something like changing the squared shape of a pixel for other outlines. All of them are her designs, and the photos are from my travels. Some information is from a wonderful and highly recommended book, “Venice, pure city” by Peter Ackroyd.

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