1. What do I wear? Whatever makes you feel comfortable. The studio has a dressing room, so you can bring 2 outfits.  The only thing we need to avoid is plain white t-shirts, as the background is very bright

2. Can I bring my pet for the photos? Yes. The session only lasts 2 hours, so we can have some photos with your pets 🙂 However, cats will have to wait for a while in their transport cage and dogs can wait on a side with their collar

3. What happens if I don’t like the photos? I don’t see this scenario happening, but you may show them to your friends and feel better when you hear their comments

4. What is character design? If you love wearing costumes, you are in the right place! I love designing characters according people’s dreams and ideas.  I work with an awesome make-up artist for face and body painting 

5. I just want photos with my friends, can we do that? Of course!

6. Is there a booking cancellation fee? Yes, unfortunately. You can postpone up to 1 month free of charge, but if you cancel permanently the fee is 10% of the quotation

7. Why so expensive? I offer quality, not quantity.  You are unique, so your portrait has to be unique as well.

I have 27 years of experience on photography, I learned my profession with film. New photographers may offer 150 photos a lot cheaper, but what for? They just get lost on mobile phones.  For me it’s more important to provide my clients with a beautiful, high quality wall print that will last for years to come. Just like in the good old days.

8. Do you do weddings? Only at the studio. It takes 1 hour and the best time to do it is before the ceremony. This works very well for renewal of vows too. Bring a colorful bouquet! The couple can invite up to 14 guest for the photos

9. Is there parking at the photo studio? Yes, a lot of free parking space

10. Do the digital files have the photographer’s signature on them? The photos won’t have a watermark.  I only put watermarks on my website for display. If you publish the photos on social media, I would appreciate if you kindly mention my credit

11. Do my photos or videos get published on the photographer’s social media pages? Only if you agree

12. How do I book? In the link below for portraits. The photo studio is in Birkenhead, Auckland. For live performances, please send me an email with your requirements  

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